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Afghan democratic institutions still weak: US

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Lalit K. Jha

NEW YORK, Nov 1 (Pajhwok Afghan News): The United States Wednesday admitted Taliban were still a problem for Afghanistan and the international community. NATO was engaged in fighting them back in certain areas of the landlocked country, it said.

A State Department spokesperson told reporters in Washington: It is still an issue. It is still a problem. It is something that the Secretary (of State, Condoleezza Rice) watches very closely — the situation in Afghanistan.”

Sean McCormack said the US and the international community were busy building the capacity and strengthening democratic institutions in Afghanistan so that the people of the country could themselves take on Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists.

“The point you want to get to is that you are not wholly dependent on individuals or the actions of one person; you want to build institutions that are durable, that can exist beyond the tenure of one individual or that are larger than one individual and serve the needs of an entire population, he observed.

He added: “That’s where we want to get to. You have to go through these various stages, though, oftentimes where it is one person that makes a real difference. Sometimes when that person falters or unfortunate incidents like the one you describe occur, it’s a setback.

“But you can’t let that deter you from the overall mission to build these larger, more durable institutions, McCormack hastened to point out at his daily press briefing.

McCormack acknowledged that in many cases Afghanistan had very weak democratic governing institutions. “When they are undermined or in this case if they fall by the wayside, there’s a danger. There’s a danger that a vacuum gets filled by Taliban forces or other outside forces that are really seeking to undermine the strategic direction that President Karzai has put Afghanistan on.

For that reason, he maintained, the US-led international community was working hard to help build those institutions. “But it is a task that is going to take quite some time. It is certainly difficult work, but we have a good partner in the Afghan government.

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November 4, 2007 at 2:05 am

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