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UNAMA ready to work with ARCS

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The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is ready to work with national non-government organisations (NGOs), including ARCS, particularly in areas where the UN has access problems, said Adrian Edwards, a UNAMA spokesman.

UN agencies do not have access to large swaths of southern and southeastern Afghanistan due to insecurity problems.

However, the UN prefers to work with organisations, which “do the best job” and ensure accountability, the UN spokesman said. “Funding is not so much the issue, but capacity to deliver programmes on the ground.”

Gailani said UN agencies should work closely with the ARCS on long-term capacity building and ease off on reliance on short-term arrangements. “The ARCS is a national institution and will last a long time, while NGOs come and go,” she said.

Challenges remain

Afghanistan is considered the fifth least developed country in the world and millions of its estimated 24.5 million people suffer from protracted food insecurity, lack of access to health services and a variety of other deprivations.

Six years after an international intervention, and despite the spending of large sums of aid money, the suffering and needs of many vulnerable Afghans are yet to be addressed, aid agencies say.

“People are asking what the UN and other donors are doing here,” said Fatima Gailani, adding that inaccessibility and security concerns alone cannot justify the shortcomings.


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November 29, 2007 at 7:39 pm

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