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US reviewing plans for Afghanistan

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December 17, 2007

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Pentagon spokesman confirmed Monday that the United States military was, like its NATO partners, reviewing its plans for Afghanistan to develop a long-range strategy.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates “encouraged NATO to take a longer range view on Afghanistan” and “as a result of that Centcom will tell you they are reviewing their own Afghanistan plan,” spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters.

“These are things that complement each other.”

The New York Times reported Sunday that the United States had launched a thorough review of its military, economic and diplomatic strategy amid worries about progress.

“There is no secret that some of the capabilities have been lacking and that we have been wanting to fill in in order to achieve greater progress at a faster rate,” a Pentagon spokesman said privately, but noting “I don’t know that I would call it a review of strategy.”

Whitman did not say if sending additional US troops was being considered.

NATO, which runs the 40,000-strong International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, defense ministers of the United States, Britain and six other countries working in southern Afghanistan on Friday launched talks in Edinburgh on a long-term strategy toward the Taliban.

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