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Afghanistan: Supreme Court issues 100 death sentences

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Kabul, 15 April (AKI) – The Supreme Court of Afghanistan has in the past few weeks confirmed 100 death sentences issued by provincial courts.

“These people, who have been accused of crimes such as murder and rape have been sentenced in the first petition and the second appeal and the punishment has also been confirmed by the Supreme Court,” Abdel Rashid Rashed, a member of the Supreme Court told reporters.

Capital punishment has to be approved by the president before the sentence can be carried out in Afghanistan.

In the past 12 months, 15 death sentences have been carried out in Afghanistan.

“The court proceedings are carried out behind closed doors, without the presence of defence attorneys, and often without the presentation of any proof on the part of the public prosecutor,” said Wadir Safi, a jurist and law professor at the University of Kabul.

“In essence, we can say that justice in our country does not work and the accused do not enjoy any form of guarantee.”

These charges have been rejected by Rashed, who said that “all death sentences have been issued on the basis of Islamic law and confirmed by all three petitions provided for under current legislation.”


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April 15, 2008 at 5:02 pm

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