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Afghan society still haunted by warlords

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Pajhwok Afghan News
Aug 23, 2008

KABUL (PAN): Local commanders and local officials still forcibly collect money by different names and forms from the farmers in northern Afghanistan, farmers and shepherds lamented.

Commanders and local officials get unlawfully ten sheep as well as cash money from shepherds while they graze their sheep on different areas and mountains.

Without naming any officials or commanders the farmers complained they would be tortured and expelled from that area if they resisted the demand from commanders and local officials.

Ali Gul a resident of Chardeh district of northern Konduz province complained:” when we take our sheep to graze in Darwaz district of Badakhshan armed men come and forcibly take away our sheep,” Ali owner of 500 sheep claimed upon reaching to Darwaz a local commander took a dozen of his sheep under the name of Charity or Zakat.

He had several times complained the issue to officials in Badakhshan but none heard his plights, he added. However at the moment due to drought and dry spell the farmers returned with sheep from Badakhshan areas to their native Konduz province, he said.

Barikzai Mukhlisyar admitted over 400 flocks of sheep were taken by farmers to Badakhshan province and its mountains for grazing, he added commanders took ten out of 500 sheep from farmers or 5000 afghanis instead.

It was an illegal practice imposed by the local commanders, he added, farmers can not be allowed to take their sheep unless they paid the money or sheep. Farmers had special places in the area to graze their animal but they were not given their actual rights, he complained.

Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi an MP from Konduz province said Badakhshan officials should prevent the local commanders and officials from this violation of rights.

Governor Munshi Abdul Majid admitted such violation of law by locals, he said at some distant areas disarmament process had not been executed so problems exist. He urged the farmers to turn to him for complaints with evidence.


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August 24, 2008 at 2:48 am

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